Amber | 05 May 2017 - 18:34

Petite is the new sexy

I am a petite girl. Petite is the new sexy! Why?

1.) good things come in short supply

2.) I am 29 but I still look like a teenager

3.) I am flexible and know how to present my sex-appeal

So shortly about being a loveable shorty;)

Yes, I am a petite escort in Bratislava . I stand only 159 cm and so what?! I know how to wear my slender and natural body like a dress from a world renowned fashion designer!

Confidence comes with age. I am 29 years now and I finally discovered all the flavours I can offer, all the goodies I bring to the table.

So I know I am an experienced lover, good companion, lovely courtesan and I love pampering my gentleman.

So even if petite ladies are not your "thing", surprise yourself and try something new!

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