My Experience With a Russian Call Girl on a Business Trip in Los Angeles

Admin | 2016. October 27. - 04:51
My Experience With a Russian Call Girl on a Business Trip in Los Angeles

To be honest I don’t really care for relationships or social life, that is not how my dad raised me. Going on this business trip instead of going on a date with some girl my friends set me up with was an easy decision for me, frankly I don’t like dating, the women I always draw demand way too much time than I am able to give, that is why I enjoy these business trips. What I do here remains totally a secret, no one needs to know and I enjoy it that way.

Just the thought of what awaits me drives me crazy. This time around I am headed to Los Angeles for a high profile business deal, if everything goes according to plan I have the perfect celebration planned. My favorite Escort agency is setting me up with a hot Russian call girl, I have never been with a Russian before and I just cannot wait to meet her.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in Los Angeles 20 minutes ahead of time if you have people waiting to pick you up you may notify them of the change” the flight captain announced knocking me out of my thoughts.

Well that is just perfect then, it gives me much more time to play. I switched on my laptop and logged into the website and quickly typed, “ flight coming in 20 minutes early, can you pick me up then??”

It didn’t even take a minute for the reply to come in, “ sure, I am free. I will be waiting for you…. Which ones do you want me to wear?”

And just then two images came through; the first one was a black lacey thong with matching stockings and garter belts. The second was red lacey French knickers with a gaping crouch and a tiny ribbon on the front. I remembered them from our earlier chat, when I had confirmed the booking she had asked me to help her pick a couple of things she would wear for our play date. Those two panties were part of the 5 I had picked for her, she had said she would surprise me and now I get to choose which one she wears from the two she sent.

“ The red is naughty, I like naughty…” I responded

“ Red it is then dear, see you soon and safe landing”

And with that message she logged out, my mind went into crazy mode. What was she doing now? Was she bathing and getting ready to come pick me up? Is she really going to wear the red panties? Man, can we land already!

It seemed like ages before we finally touched down, if it was up to me we would have disembarked already. Well, this pilot didn’t know my Escort agency had hooked me up with an enticing Los Angeles Adult Provider, if he did he would have opened the doors even faster!

Finally I got my luggage and stepped out the arrival lounge, I looked around for the woman in a black coat and saw her standing next to a silver Aston Martin with the door already open. I quickly marched over and kissed her, put my carriage bag in the back and took my seat through the open door. She closed the door and went over to the drivers side, before getting in she took off the over coat and remained with just my blue shirt, the one she had picked from the 3 shirts I sent over. Only the two middle buttons of the shirt were buttoned on, from the top I could see her nice big boobs trying very hard to escape the red bra, at the bottom I could see the front of the red French knickers…. Oh my she had them on!

She came into the car, and began driving me to my hotel. She looked even hotter seated down, maybe it was because the shirt had slightly risen up and I could see more of her thighs and the lacy panties neatly disappearing in-between her legs. Man did the Los Angeles Adult Provider come through for me, I just couldn’t wait until my meeting ended and I get to continue this adventure with my sexy Russian call-girl, I think I will call her Katrina!

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