Three Top Escort Daytrip Ideas This May 1 st Bratislava

Amber | 30 Apr 2017 - 15:32
Three Top Escort Daytrip Ideas This May 1 st Bratislava

Three top escort daytrip ideas this May 1st Bratislava

May 1st is a big holiday in Slovakia, as it is in the rest of Europe, and this year the day falls on a Monday, which means a long weekend for most of us. If you are planning on coming to Bratislava this May Day weekend and are looking for some daytrip ideas with a sexy lady, then I would happily be your elite companion for any of the following fun excursions!

We could visit a UNESCO-protected town and get our fortune told by a real-life witch, on a day trip to Banska Stiavnica. This beautiful town of 10,000 people in the centre of Slovakia is found in the middle of an extinct volcano, and the views from the edge are stunning. The town was known for mining, and these days we can go for underground walks which are pretty fascinating. It is also known as the place to come to meet a witch, who can give you advice on life, contact dead relatives for you, and tell you your future. Of course, they don’t speak English, so you would need a Slovak translator to go with you, and I would be happy to be your girl for the job!

If you are scared of witches, then how about we enjoy a wine tour in the vineyards of the Little Carpathian mountains. These impressive hills and mountains just outside Bratislava are excellent wine country, and are home to several charming village known for making the best wine in Central Europe. In Svätý Jur, Modra and Pezinok we can see how wine is made as well as sample some of the local produce. The best thing about such a trip is that we can do it as a day excursion from Bratislava and then once we are a bit tipsy we can head back to your hotel for more erotic fun!

If you prefer to relax and enjoy some wellness, then how about a spa day in the Trencin region with me? Trencin is just an hour on the highway north of Bratislava, and the town is very beautiful, dominated by an impressive castle on the hill. The streets are full of interesting cafes and restaurants, but the best thing about a visit here are the nearby spas. Trenčianske Teplice in particular is one of the most beautiful spa towns in Slovakia, and the natural springs here spill mineral water directly into the spa pools, with temperature of a nice 38 ° C. We can bathe and relax and when we get in the mood for more, Trencin has some great hotels where we can get the party started.

I hope you are getting excited by some of these ideas I present to you. Best of all, all of these daytrips can be made anytime of the year, so if you choose to spend May Day with your family, you can always escape to Bratislava for a weekend some other time, and it would be my pleasure to be your Bratislava escort and sexy blonde companion on your trip.

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